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Short term football development program

This training program is created to give a footballer a short-term opportunity to train with some of the best Portuguese youth academies. He will be given an opportunity to train where some youth players initially hone their skills. He will also have an opportunity to play against some national level youth players and gauge his talent against them. However, this program is only for two weeks and at a very high intensity. It should be considered as a preview to understand what the “Portuguese Way” of football is like.

Long-term Player development program

This program is designed as a final stop before you become a college player or professional footballer. This program demands uttermost self-discipline from you as an athlete. The overall goal of this program is to transform an aspiring footballer into a comprehensive footballer, by exposing him to all the necessary conditions that any other European top footballer will experience during the course of their career.  Our program outline will help you understand all the basic components, which you will accomplish during your stay here in Portugal.

Professional player placement in Portugal

This training program is for only players 18 years or older. In brief this program is for semi-pro players who are either looking for an opportunity to play in Europe, showcase their talent, or gain invaluable experience in Europe.  This program can better prepare you to face the highest level of football in any circumstances in the footballing world.